The 2020 Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

We're Awarding $316,000 in Transformational Grant Funding!

Overview of 2020 Annual Meeting Process

Please join us on September 22 at 6:00 p.m. as we award THREE finalists with grants of $105,333 each.

Here’s what you need to do:Tune in to the livestream. Find out who are three recipients are at our virtual annual meeting on September 22 at 6:00 p.m.  The virtual event will be livestreamed on the Impact 100TC Facebook page here:

Meet Your 2020 Grant Finalists

& Learn About The Projects They Have In Store

Arts & Culture: Old Town Playhouse
Education: Newton’s Road Northwest
Environment & Recreation: Preserve Hickory Hills
Family: Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region
Health & Wellness: Michael’s Place



Focus Area: Arts & Culture

Charitable initiatives that cultivate, develop, educate, and improve the cultural climate within those five counties.

Organization: Old Town Playhouse
Project: Enhancing the Patron’s Sensory Experience at OTP

Overview of the Initiative:

Old Town Playhouse wants to continue transforming their MainStage theatre at the corner of Eighth and Cass into a venue, audiences will remember and return to regularly with pleasure. Antiquated speakers will be replaced with a custom designed sound system to ensure a balance of sound throughout the theatre. Energy efficient LED stage instruments will be installed to bring a wider variety of lighting options to the stage. The HVAC system will be altered to greatly increase the comfort of the audience. Projected scenery will strengthen OTP’s ability to bring more complex shows to the stage. The enjoyment of patrons with hearing deficits will be enhanced by a new digital assisted listening system. These will be crowning touches on a transformation that began in 2013.





Focus Area: Education

Charitable initiatives that further the ability to educate and improve education within those five counties.

Organization: Newton’s Road Northwest
Project: Newton’s Road Community Liaison Program

Overview of the Initiative:

Newton’s Road proposes a Community Liaison Program to connect communities to a toolkit of low or no cost, high quality, hands-on, STEM-related experiences. By recruiting and training a Community Liaison in each of the 20 library districts in the 5-county region, the program will create more opportunity for the 24,000 K-12 children in the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District. Each Community Liaison will connect their community’s families, educators, libraries, STEAM/Maker Alliance members, businesses, and civic groups to quality regional STEM-related programs. The Community Liaison Toolkit will include presentations, brochures, videos, guides, metrics and a menu of programs and resources that each community can use to make a plan that meets their unique needs.





Focus Area: Environment & Recreation

Charitable initiatives that preserve, enhance, revitalize, or restore facilities and surroundings within those five counties.

Organization: Preserve Hickory Hills
Project: Energy-Efficient Lighting for Hickory Hills

Overview of the Initiative:

Preserve Hickory’s proposed initiative will complete Phase One of the Master Plan by replacing Hickory’s iconic lights with environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient fixtures. Over the last 20 years, increasing environmental considerations challenge the traditional view of the park’s lighting. Since 85% of skiing and ski programs take place after dark, this proposal addresses the need for a more sustainable and more cost-effective approach to lighting. The proposed initiative will replace the existing fixtures with new, energy efficient LED lights. These new lights will be 2.5 times more efficient than the existing lighting, reducing Hickory’s carbon footprint. This transformational project incorporates important “green” elements to the park’s site and operation and contributes to the long-term sustainability of the park through reduced utilities expense and expansion of night skiing.




Focus Area: Family

Charitable initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families within those five counties.

Organization: Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region
Project: Habitat for Humanity: Building Homes & Hope

Project Overview:

This initiative will help Habitat for Humanity better serve the Grand Traverse region by using Impact100 grant funds as revolving capital in order to accelerate the building process and increase the capacity for new builds. In this proposed model, Impact funds would be used to build a Habitat home for a low-income family; then when the family closes on the home, Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse would be reimbursed, allowing them to reinvest in the next build. This plan would provide consistent capital which would allow for a continuous building cycle with no down time between builds, increasing the capacity for the organization to build needed homes consistently without delays.




Focus Area: Health & Wellness

Charitable initiatives that positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of the people within those five counties.

Organization: Michael’s Place
Project: Tending the Wounds: Trauma, Suicide, and Childhood Bereavement

Overview of the Initiative:

The initiative proposed by Michael’s Place is focused on the mitigation and prevention of Trauma, Suicide, and Childhood Bereavement. Their proposed program, Tending the Wounds, is designed to help children and adults traumatized by the suicide or overdose death of a loved one. The initiative engages partner organizations and mobilizes community support by replicating proven national models in an evidence-based approach to address the rising need for grief support programs. Their proposal increases the organization’s capacity of trained volunteers prepared to engage the bereaved in intentional, transformation sharing and listening. The programming will provide Michael’s Place volunteers with the necessary tools to support individuals, schools, businesses, and community organizations.