Meet Your 2017 Grant Finalists

& Learn About The Projects They Have In Store

Arts & Culture: Crooked Tree Arts Center
Education: Inland Seas Education Association
Environment, Preservation & Recreation: Preserve Hickory
Family: Disability Network Northern Michigan
Health & Wellness: PEACE Ranch


Focus Area: Arts & Culture

Charitable initiatives that cultivate, develop, educate, and improve the cultural climate within those five counties.

Organization: Crooked Tree Arts Center – Traverse City
Project: Oil Painters of America Exhibition and Plein Air Festival

Crooked Tree Arts Center – Traverse City is a community-based arts center with a focus on the visual arts, formed through the 2015 merger between Crooked Tree Arts Center – Petoskey and ArtCenter Traverse City. Impact 100 TC Funds will be used for expenses related to The Oil Painters of America Exhibition and Plein Air Painting Festival, which will feature top-notch artists from the region and across the country. The events will provide opportunities for spectators to mix and mingle with artists and view and purchase their work. The Oil Painters of America Exhibition and Plein Air Festival will bring free, high quality visual arts experiences to residents and visitors of Northern Michigan, without having to travel to a big city. Additionally, it will raise awareness of the Grand Traverse region as a cultural destination and creative hub on a national scale and become an economic engine for the region.

Focus Area: Education

Charitable initiatives that further the ability to educate and improve education within those five counties.

Organization: Inland Seas Education Center
Project: Launching Utopia, the Next Inland Seas Schoolship

Inland Seas Education Center (Inland Seas) offers hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) experiential learning activities aboard two traditionally rigged tall ship schooners, the Inland Seas and the Manitou. With the launching of a third ship, the Utopia, Inland Seas will be able to increase awareness of and cultivate appreciation for the Great Lakes to a larger group of passengers. Impact 100 TC funds will be used to make the Utopia shipshape in order to obtain a Coast Guard license to carry passengers, currently licensed as a dockside attraction at the Discovery Pier. The renovation of Utopia will increase the number of people able to experience the scientific methods for monitoring the health of Grand Traverse Bay and create a greater understanding of the environmental challenges facing our region. The increased capacity will enable Inland Seas to expand its programming to students across the state, with a focus on urban school districts where many students have never experienced the Great Lakes.


Focus Area: Environment, Preservation & Recreation

Charitable initiatives that preserve, enhance, revitalize, or restore facilities and surroundings within those five counties.

Organization: Preserve Hickory
Project: Implementing the Hickory Hills Master Plan

Preserve Hickory was established in 2010 with the mission to ensure that Hickory Hills, a cherished community ski hill and year-round park, is preserved as originally intended: offering safe, affordable, and publicly accessible recreation to area residents, especially youth and families. Over the years, Hickory Hills has not been able to maintain financial sustainability, and therefore has not been well-maintained. The Preserve Hickory initiative seeks to preserve and improve the park as a critical recreational asset while implementing a self -sustaining financial model. Impact 100 TC funds will complete Preserve Hickory’s capital campaign, leveraging over $3.4 million raised from significant community philanthropy and the City. The funds will be used for lodge and infrastructure construction, ski area improvements, disc golf expansion, multi-purpose, all season trails and a challenge ropes course. Expanded affordable outdoor recreation, at a fully utilized, improved, and self-sustaining 125 acre all-season park in the heart of Traverse City, will make the community an even better place to live for residents, while preserving the park’s natural resources.


Focus Area: Family

Charitable initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families within those five counties.

Organization: Disability Network Northern Michigan
Project: Access Northern Michigan

Disability Network Northern Michigan seeks to empower and help individuals with significant disabilities exercise full choice and control over their lives and live independently in community. When people with disabilities and their loved ones look for places to shop, dine or recreate, locally or while traveling, there can be much guess work to know if it is accessible. Impact 100 TC funds will be used to launch Access Northern Michigan, a mobile application (app) and website that will address this challenge by providing information, in an easily searchable format, about the accessibility of locations based on disability type. Access Northern Michigan will enable the full participation of people with disabilities in their communities, improve quality of life, and increase awareness in business owners about how to provide access for everyone. It will fully engage people with disabilities in the process of changing hearts and minds across Northern Michigan about accessibility. The project also has the potential to be expanded to other organizations across the state and the country, which could result in similar outcomes across the nation.


Focus Area: Health & Wellness

Charitable initiatives that positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of the people within those five counties.

Organization: PEACE Ranch
Project: The Experiential Therapy Center

PEACE Ranch provides opportunities for participants with a range of personal challenges to gain skills and heal emotional injuries in addition to providing a haven for rescued horses. Impact 100 TC Funds will be used to build an Experiential Therapy Center, which will offer participants aged 5 to 18 a broad range of experience-based therapies proven effective in resolving damage caused by childhood trauma. The project is a collaboration between PEACE Ranch and Child and Family Services of Northern Michigan. The Experiential Therapy Center will benefit traumatized children through Equine Therapy techniques and provide PEACE Ranch with a means to better achieve the organization’s mission of providing services to all in need regardless of ability to pay. While the visible transformation of children’s lives is the most critical outcome of this project, the potential impact is much farther reaching by addressing and resolving trauma-driven behaviors, potentially saving thousands of dollars in community resources annually.

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