Grant Application

Change the Future of Your Organization.

Interested in Applying for One of Our Transformational Grants?

We're so glad that you're interested! Before submitting your application, however, we highly recommend thoroughly reading through the process, making sure you know to which of the categories your organization fits best, and confirming that your organization pre-qualifies using the information below. Once you've done all of that, feel free to submit your application - good luck!

All Organizations applying to Impact 100 TC must be/have the following:
  • Tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Based in Antrim, Benzie , Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, or Leelanau counties.
  • Be free of legal actions declared: including current or pending conflicts
Initiatives Eligible to apply for the Impact 100 TC grant must:
  • Serve residents of and expend funds fully in the 5 counties listed above.
  • Be a new program, capital project, or expansion of an existing program or a new or expanded collaborative effort of several non-profit organizations
  • Have a total project budget for the full Impact 100 available grant
  • Expend funds within 24 months of the award date or notify Impact 100 T.C. of timeline changes
  • Designate one of the following focus areas: 1) Arts & Culture 2) Education 3) Environment, Recreation & Preservation 4) Family 5) Health & Wellness
  • Grant applicants must have a plan for sustainability
The following are deemed Ineligible
  • Debt reduction, operational deficits, operating expenses or overhead. (note: operating funds may be requested if applicable to a new initiative/project to be funded by Impact 100)
  • Grants to individuals
  • Endowment funding
  • Interim or bridge funding
  • Partisan, legislative or political activity
  • Capital improvements or renovations to property for the grant project where the organization may be denied access to at some point in time
  • Is a project of an individual church, religious organization, or body of worship for its own benefit

The 2018 Grant Application is open!

The 2018 Grant Application is open! Please complete your application by April 30th. Please click the button below to request a 2018 Grant Application.

2018 Grant Application Troubleshooting Tips
  1. Complete application in sections. If application survey section is left halfway completed when a computer shutdown or web link lost occurs; information will save through the last completed section. Any new information in a partially completed section will be lost upon survey exit.
  2. When clicking examples in survey from Google Docs (Executive summary, Financial Sheets, etc.) save/download document, then the back arrow button (upper left side of screen) must be clicked to go back to the survey.
  3. Rich Text or HTML Formatting is not accepted in the application survey text fields by Survey Monkey. Bold, underlined, or italics text or paragraph return formatting is removed automatically by Survey Monkey. The space key is allowed for space formatting. Each space will count as a character. Formatting is acceptable in your pdf uploaded documents. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  4. Google sheets link to financial budget – the Google sheets financial form preview will not allow text to be entered. You must click the download arrow in the upper right hand corner to download the financial form as an excel file and save the document to your local drive. Fill the green fields. Save as pdf. Upload when prompted in the survey.
  5. Page loop back – a page may sometimes loop back to same page when “next button” is clicked at bottom of the page – Possibly because a required field was not answered, a field was not typed in the correct format, or a field may have no text at all/no activity in field (even though it is not a required answer). This is a Survey Monkey characteristic. If this happens, check for required answers, or answers over the limit. And/Or Click cursor in unanswered fields. Then click “next” button at bottom of page. Survey should continue.
  6. Forwarding your emailed application survey link is possible for others to work on sections of the application survey form. *Note* Application must be completed chronologically. You are not able to skip sections further into the form, without completing all required questions prior to that section.
  7. If you are receiving error messages during copy/paste of text into Survey Monkey grant Application:
    First, please double check word count versus character count.
    The Impact 100 TC Grant Application questions are all based on character count. Each number, letter, space, or symbol in the answer box counts as an individual character.
  8. To attach multiple documents in one field, please compile/combine them in adobe pdf prior to attaching. Attachment should be one document.