Meet the 2022 Finalists

2022 Impact100 Traverse City Grant Finalists

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Impact100 Traverse City grant finalists.



INITIATIVE: Traverse City Cadet Squadron Aircraft Hangar and Community STEM Classroom

The Traverse City Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol has begun the process of building a 46’x50’ multipurpose hangar at the Cherry Capital Airport. Our project will enable us to work with community youth throughout Northern Michigan, providing STEM access to students and teachers in traditional, charter, and home schools, Young Eagles, Scouts, and others. All STEM kits are provided by CAP-USAF for use at no charge.

Traverse City and our Northern Michigan areas will have an emergency services and training aircraft. Our search and rescue Cessna 182, which is currently stored in a hangar in Cadillac, enabled crews to photograph the damage inflicted on Gaylord by the May 2022 tornado. The official photographs were uploaded to FEMA and other governmental agencies for a thorough assessment of property damage. We flew numerous Covid relief missions in 2020.

Our project will provide emergency services and STEM for the community! Read more



INITIATIVE: US-131 North Country Trail Trailhead and Boardman River Boardwalk

Since 2016, the Kalkaska Trail Town Partners began their efforts to bring a non-motorized, ADA accessible Trailhead to Downtown Kalkaska and eliminate “road walk” sections of the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) to a safer and more natural setting along the North Branch of the Boardman River.

DNR approved the Phase I reroute in 2020. Phase II is to create a trailhead on US-131 with parking for 30 vehicles, including handicap spaces. An ADA Accessible trail, will lead to the Boardman River Boardwalk with seating space for all to enjoy nature. Impact 100 funds will be used directly for construction of the trailhead and boardwalk.

This facility will not only be a much needed asset to the NCT, but will create the ability for those who are mobility-challenged, as well as the entire community, to enjoy the Boardman River, at a location that has been too remote to access. Read more



INITIATIVE: Keep Our Community Cool

The Curling Club recently purchased and is renovating the Kmart property on Garfield. In addition to providing a home for our club, the Curling Center will serve as a community hub, promoting health, wellness and camaraderie.

The Curling Center will provide an opportunity for anyone — youth, wheelchair users, seniors, men and women — to cultivate physical and mental wellbeing.

We are asking Impact100 to help us purchase the dehumidifier which is a critical piece of equipment to maintain safe and consistent ice conditions for curling.

The dehumidifier will reduce the time spent treating and preparing the ice, reducing the strain on our volunteers and increasing the time available for community programming.

Dry, safe, and consistent ice will make it possible for current curlers to improve their skills. The TCCC will also expand our outreach efforts, introducing a sport and culture that champions community and belonging on and off the ice. Read more



INITIATIVE: Rural Expansion to Single Mom Families

Single MOMM focuses on guiding single moms to healthy independence. In their 2021-2022 fiscal year they served 1,932 families. 80% of the families they serve are living at or below the poverty line.

As the price of living has skyrocketed, their families have struggled to maintain stability. Many of them through the guidance of Single MOMM have moved further into the rural areas surrounding Grand Traverse to find affordable living situations.

This reality has made it imperative that Single MOMM is able to reach the families they have identified as needing their services throughout Benzie and Leelanau counties.

Single MOMM is seeking funding to create a mobile office that would bring mentorship, classes, events, and financial assistance to these families. Together, Impact 100 and Single MOMM can help hardworking women advance in their vocational skills, create stable homes for their children, and increase in their self-worth.  Read more



INITIATIVE: Performing Arts Project

The Garden Theater seeks an Impact100 Grant to fund their Performing Arts Project. This will allow for the theater to offer a wider variety of artistic and educational performances to substantially strengthen the cultural richness in Northern Michigan, further community bonding, and promote local prosperity. The proposed project includes entirely new lighting, rigging, video, and sound systems for the theater as well as improvements to the theater’s accessibility and the investment of venue necessities. These enhancements will transform the Garden Theater into a fully functioning multipurpose venue and community center. By mitigating ongoing equipment rental expenses and, therefore, lessening ticket costs, it will give greater access to all community members seeking a culturally fulfilling experience and to various performers seeking an audience.  Read more

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