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Impact100 TC Volunteer Opportunities

Because Impact100 TC is an organization operated wholly by volunteers, the contributions of our members are integral to our continued success. There are many ways for our members to contribute to our process and sustain our impact on the community. If you are interested in contributing your talents and time as part of one of our committees, please review the committee descriptions and time commitments below to find your perfect fit! 

Friends of Impact Committee

Responsibilities of Committee: Create a structure, options, and process to develop ongoing community support that includes member sponsors, operations supporters, and media partners. Create a system to track and acknowledge Friends of Impact. Implement this system. Follow up on introductions made by members to potential individuals or businesses interested in supporting the Impact100 mission. Genuinely and sincerely thank Friends of Impact100 that have supported us.

Skills Needed

System Creation & Friend Follow-up:

  • Detail oriented person that likes to meet others
  • Willing to share the Impact100 mission; cultivate support; and create opportunities for mutual benefit
  • Extrovert or trained introvert who is comfortable approaching others
  • Person comfortable working collaboratively and individually; meeting deadlines; and taking ownership of tasks

Thank Yous:

  • Friendly and supportive self starter that wants to help acknowledge the kindness of others
  • Truly enjoys writing thank yous, making phone calls to express appreciation, and has a way with words that makes people feel loved

Meeting Dates:

Typically monthly, over a lunch period, via Zoom on a mutually agreed upon time & date. Flexibility and opportunity to work with a team or on your own. You can participate regularly or around specific tasks. Follow up with interested Friends of Impact on a case by case basis.

Additional Committee Information:
This is a new committee. We will be creating processes and systems that will serve us into future years. You should join, it’ll be fun!

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Marketing & Communications Committee

This is a fun, dynamic committee focused on keeping past, current and prospective future members and supporters informed and engaged to continue to grow our Impact.

Responsibilities of Committee:

  • Monthly virtual meeting on Zoom
  • Coordination of efforts with committee members
  • Use of your skillset to support mission
  • Communication and promotion to past, current and future members.
  • Attendance at recruitment events may be needed for photographers

Various Skills Needed (we welcome help in any of these areas): 

  • Photography and/or Photo Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Writing and Proofreading (Stories, Press Releases)
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Posts, Facebook Live, Facebook Event Creation
  • HootSuite
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Website Updates
  • eCommunication via MailChimp Software Platform
  • Strategic Marketing Ideas welcome as well
  • Database
  • Data manipulation
  • Programming skills
  • Member management software knowledge (Membership Works or other)

Meeting Dates:

Currently the first Thursday of most months from 12-1:00pm (held virtually) via Zoom. Meeting dates may be changed to accommodate schedule changes or conflicts.

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Member Engagement Committee (including event assistance)

Responsibilities of Committee: We know that participating enriches the Impact 100 TC experience and we would love to share the possibilities – no pressure, guilt free!

Recruiting: Our job is to lead in membership recruitment, support recruiting events, and work together with the MEC team to recruit, retain, and connect with our impact members

Retaining: Our job is to ensure our members are having a meaningful experience and share involvement opportunities.  We also want to grow our Evergreen membership – our sustainable foundation – those who will renew automatically at 110% until they decide otherwise.

Events: Our job is to create meaningful events to recruit, retain and engage our members through iConnect events. We also plan and manage our ‘big three’ events: The Big Reveal, Meet the Finalists and our Annual Meeting

Skills Needed:

  • Desire to increase our impact, sustain and grow our membership
  • Willingness to reach out to new members OR willingness to work behind the scenes to support those who do reach out
  • Attend events and participate in Impact activities – Zoom, or in person
  • Handle Facebook welcome posts and posts engaging our members (1 member)
  • Assist with Event planning and execution

Meeting Dates:

  • Vary, some in person, some by Zoom
  • Lots of flexibility and opportunity to work with a team or on your own
  • You can participate regularly or around specific tasks and events
  • Continuous Sign up – we need help throughout the year for various activities

Interested in becoming an Evergreen member? Email for more information.

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Nonprofit Engagement Committee

Responsibilities of Committee: Our grants are only as impactful as the nonprofits who apply and the recipients who are awarded them! We would love to have help to spread the word about our mission and process to the nonprofits in our area, engage with them throughout the year to help sustain our model, and support our finalists and recipients while celebrating their accomplishments.

Educate: Our job is to lead in educating the nonprofits in our area with respect to our mission, our process (from application to award), and our ongoing support of finalists and recipients.

Sustain: Our job is to ensure the nonprofits in our community have a meaningful and positive experience with Impact100 Traverse City and are regularly encouraged to apply and participate in our process. We want to grow our nonprofit network to sustain and grow our nonprofit participation and engagement each year

Engage: Our job is to create and/or facilitate meaningful events and opportunities to engage our nonprofit community, share the mission and process of Impact100 Traverse City, and provide a value-add to their organizations.

Skills Needed:

  • Understand the Impact100 model and process, and have a passion for our mission
  • Experience working with and/or for nonprofit organizations
  • Desire to increase our impact, sustain and grow our nonprofit engagement
  • Willingness to reach out to nonprofits in the area to educate on our mission and invite them to participate/apply
  • Attend events and participation in Impact activities – Zoom, or in person
  • Work with MarComm members to facilitate communications to nonprofits
  • Assist with nonprofit-focused event planning and execution

Meeting Dates:

  • Vary, some in person, some by Zoom
  • Lots of flexibility and opportunity to work with a team or on your own
  • You can participate regularly or around specific tasks and events
  • Continuous Sign up – we need help throughout the year for various activities

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Grant Review Committee Information

(deadline of May 8 to register for 2024 grant season)
Grant Review Committee Details and Registration

Grant Review Committee team members evaluate the grant proposals submitted by local non-profits and select the finalists to put forward to the membership for voting and selection.

Volunteers are aligned to one of five teams, with each team focused on evaluating grant proposals within one of the five Impact focus areas. During sign up, please denote your preferences for assignment to a 2024 grant review team. Our focus is to ensure we have a balance across the teams and workload while trying to honor individual preferences. Sign up is required each year to maintain participation.

Feel free to direct any questions to:
Shari van der Grijn, Grant Review Chair,
Karin Jacobson, Arts and Culture Focus Committee Chair,
Amy Fitch, Education Focus Committee Chair,
Colleen Contardi, Environmental, Recreation and Preservation Focus Committee Chair,
Autumn Soltysiak, Family Focus Committee Chair,
Amy Devey, Health and Wellness Focus Committee Chair,

General Requirements for Grant Review Committee Members:
Complete COI/COL Acknowledgement and comply with the policy terms. Unless recused from a particular application, focus committee members are expected to fully complete the review of each application assigned to the committee. In order to ensure fair and full consideration of all applicants, committee members who fail to complete the application reviews will not be permitted to participate in the subsequent committee discussions, site visits, or committee finalist(s) selection.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:
Attend grant review training.
Actively engage and participate in committee meetings.
Thoroughly read grant proposals assigned, denoting feedback and submit scoring in the Submittable application.
Attend site visits.
Select finalists.

Skills Needed:
Ability to collaborate with others in a respectful way, professionally navigating differences in opinion.
Ability to be objective and impartial with a clear head and not just a pure heart.
Ability to ask probative and exploratory questions to ensure an accurate understanding of proposals and the true impact that could be created if awarded a grant.

Meeting Dates/Times:
Attend one of the scheduled grant trainings:

Wednesday May 22, 2024 at 4:00pm via Zoom
Tuesday May 28, 2024 at Noon via Zoom

Attend meetings scheduled as needed by the Focus Area Chair. This is typically done at a first meeting in mid-May based on the schedules of the team members.

Additional Committee Information:
Grant review will take place between Tuesday May 28 through Friday June 28. Site visits will occur between Monday August 5 and Friday August 16. Finalist selection will then occur by Wednesday August 21.

Total time investment can be anywhere from 25 to 40 hours during June and August. The majority of this time will be executing independent work which the member can execute at their convenience.

Sign ups for 2024 are now closed.

Finance Review Committee

(deadline of May 1 to register)
Finance Review Committee Details and Registration

Tammy Stoerkel
Lori VanAntwerp

Responsibilities of Committee:  The role of the Finance Review Committee (FRC) is to provide a reasonable degree of assurance that the non-profits selected for site visits have the infrastructure and skills to be competent stewards of our members’ funds.  The role of FRC is not to evaluate the merit of the grant initiative but to provide insight into the financial position of the organization.

Skills Needed: A background in finance or accounting is not necessary in order to be a valuable member of FRC. If you are new to our team we will pair you with an experienced FRC committee member.  An initial training session will be held prior to applications being sent to FRC for review and a standard form will help guide members through each application.

FRC Meeting Dates:
May 6, 5:30-7pm – Meet & Greet & Training at West Shore Bank, 400 East 8th St. Traverse City, MI 49686, Third floor (parking is available in the garage at the bank and overflow parking in the Governmental Center on Boardman). Attendance by FRC members is encouraged but not required.
July 1 through August 2FRC will conduct financial review of grant applications.

Additional Committee Information:
Grant Review Training (including all focus groups). Two options via zoom:

  • May 22, 4pm
  • May 28, 12pm

All committee members should register in advance for this training by visiting This training isn’t mandatory, but encouraged.

Each FRC application review will take approximately 2-5 hours per application (completed on your own time or with your partner). Total time investment can be anywhere from 10 to 20 hours, spread out from July thru early August. The majority of communication takes place via email.

Sign ups for 2024 are now closed.