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We realize $1,000 is a “stop and think” gift.

For many of our members, $1,000 represents sacrifice and intentional budgeting to make a charitable gift of this size. That is by design. The goal is that each member feels connected to their giving and to the transformational grants that are a result of their gifts.

Our goal is to grow our membership to 500 women so that we can give five $100,000 grants in each of the five main focus areas:
Arts & Culture, Education, Environment and Recreation, Family, and Health & Wellness.

100% of member’s donations are given directly to charity. No time commitment is required from members, but participation is encouraged.

As a member, you will be invited to the annual meeting each fall where finalists will present their projects and members vote. The best part? Votes will be tallied and winners will be announced during the meeting. You get to see the impact you're helping to make right then and there.

Membership FAQs

Answers to All of Your Membership Questions

Most women we know always give 110% in all they do. Joining Impact100 Traverse City at 110% allows $100 to go towards various general operating expenses, including keeping the grant application process free of charge to submitting non-profits. Your entire $1,000 membership will go towards a deserving non-profit through a democratic vote process at the annual grant award ceremony.
The Impact100 model works because every member gives the same amount ($1,000) and gets one vote. While you can't combine your membership with friends, we do have several generous Friends of Impact that sponsor members who can't afford the $1,000. Contact us for more information about what sponsorships may be available and the process to apply.
Each person is limited to one vote per person per year. You can prepay your membership for subsequent years. Feeling generous? You can sponsor others to join Impact100 Traverse City.
We welcome “Friends of Impact 100” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us with our annual expenses through monetary donations or in-kind service donations. Our costs are held to a minimum as much as possible since we are an “all volunteer board”.
Volunteers are required to be an Impact100 member to serve on any board committee. Thank you for your consideration!
Yes, your company can pay for your membership.
In an effort to encourage generations of women philanthropists, Impact 100 TC, funded through the generous support of several local donors, will be providing sponsorship grants for women to experience the power of collective giving. This program specifically targets women who have an interest in philanthropy and in joining Impact100 TC but who might initially not be able to fund a Membership on their own. This program grants a Membership donation sponsorship, and may require the sponsorship recipient to pay a portion of the Membership donation. This sliding scale of dues invites the philanthropist member to budget over time and embed the philosophy of giving into their lives. Application deadline is Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Sponsorships are limited. All that apply may not receive a sponsorship. You will be notified by Monday, December 30, 2019 if you are selected to receive an Impact 100 TC sponsorship. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing about you. Apply here:


Ready to become a member and make a huge IMPACT in your community?

Please click the button below to access the membership form, fill it out and mail it in with your check to:

Impact100 TC , 526 W 14th St, #264 Traverse City, MI 49684


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Prefer Paypal over check? We invite you to fill out the form by clicking the button above, email or mail it in to us, and pay your membership via paypal using the “donate” link.

There is a $30 convenience if you wish to pay via Paypal.

Become a 110% 2021 Member!
110% members donate $1,100 for their membership fee – $100 of which goes towards helping to fund our administrative needs.

Become a 2021 Member!
100% of your membership fee will go to fund transformational grants for non-profits in our community. Thank you for making an impact!