Ready to become a member?

Better yet, give 110%!

Each member of Impact100 makes an annual gift of $1,000*. This size of the donation is intentional and impactful. That is by design. We call it a “stop and think” gift. Members feel uniquely connected to their giving and to the transformational grants that are a result of their gifts.

*For women who are interested in joining Impact100 TC but can’t make the full membership contribution, help is available through our “Sharing the Love” Fund. Learn more or apply.

Impact100 founder, Wendy Steele, talks about the creation of Impact100.

As Impact continues to grow our membership, we aspire to fund a grant in each of the focus areas.  Bringing together the collective resources of 500 women, Impact100 TC will offer five – $100,000 grants in each of the focus areas:

Arts & Culture

Charitable initiatives that cultivate, develop, educate, and improve the cultural climate within those five counties.


Charitable initiatives that further the ability to educate and improve education within those five counties.

Environment & Recreation

Charitable initiatives that preserve, enhance, revitalize, or restore facilities and surroundings within those five counties.


Charitable initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families within those five counties.

Health & Wellness

Charitable initiatives that positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of the people within those five counties.

Our 100% Member Donations are given directly and entirely to charity.  

Our 110% Member Donations support both the charities (100%) AND Impact’s operating costs (10%).  We are fortunate that so many of our members are 110% donors – our advertising, database and member communications all rely on these gifts. 

Our 110% Evergreen Membership includes the 110% information listed above AND your membership will automatically renew each year until you request otherwise.

While time commitment is not required from members, we encourage you to participate.  If you have time and special skill to share, we welcome you to do so.  

As a member, you will be invited to the annual meeting each fall where finalists present their projects and members vote. The best part? Votes are tallied and winners are announced during the meeting. You get to see the impact you are making – right then and there.

Learn more about Impact100 Traverse City by viewing our Annual Report or Financial Statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 110% Club?

Most women we know always give 110% in all they do. Joining Impact100 Traverse City at 110% allows $100 to go towards various general operating expenses, including keeping the grant application process free of charge to submitting non-profits. Your entire $1,000 membership will go towards a deserving non-profit through a democratic vote process at the annual grant award ceremony.

What if I don't have $1,000? Can I combine friends?

The Impact100 model works because every member gives the same amount ($1,000) and gets one vote. While you can’t combine your membership with friends, we do have several generous Friends of Impact that sponsor members fully or in part. Contact us for more information about what sponsorships may be available and the process to apply.

I don't have time to volunteer right now, can I still join?

The Impact100 model works because every member chooses their level of participation in our all-volunteer organization. From joining and voting at the annual meeting to grant review, informational events, or more. We welcome you and the time you decide you can participate. 

How are Impact100 TC funds granted and followed up?

Each grant year, after a rigorous review process and finalists selection, the Impact100 TC membership rank votes to award grants to the nonprofit finalists. Funding is based on total membership in minimum increments of $100,000. Grant funding and project reports occur in a contractual and systematic way to ensure the grant project is being implemented as awarded by the membership.

Can I purchase multiple memberships and receive more votes?

Each person is limited to one vote per person per year. You can prepay your membership for subsequent years. Feeling generous? You can sponsor others to join Impact100 Traverse City.

Do you have opportunities for volunteers that can't donate $1,000

We welcome “Friends of Impact100” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us with our annual expenses through monetary donations, stock grants, or in-kind service donations. Our costs are held to a minimum as much as possible since we are an “all-volunteer board”.

Can I volunteer my time to review grant applications on the grant committee and not be a member?

Volunteers are required to be an Impact100 member to serve on any board committee. Thank you for your consideration!

Can my company pay for my membership?

Yes, your company can pay for your membership.  Contact us to find out how.

Can I use a distribution from my IRA?

Yes, required minimum distributions (RMDs) are accepted for your membership and will not incur income taxes on the RMD. Impact100 TC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (Check with your accountant for your specific tax situation.) Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are acceptable as well. Please contact your IRA custodian for your specific details.

Can I donate stock or use stock for my membership?

Stock donation for membership has a time constraint and limitation depending on market fluctuations at the time of settlement. Impact100 TC is able to accept donations of stock to further our mission. Please contact us for further details.

I'm excited to join but can't afford the $1,000 this year. What can I do?

For women who are interested in joining Impact100 TC but can’t make the full membership contribution, help is available through our “Sharing the Love” Fund. Learn more or apply.