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Better yet, give 110%

We realize $1,000 is a “stop and think” gift.

For many of our members, $1,000 represents sacrifice and intentional budgeting to make a charitable gift of this size. That is by design. The goal is that each member feels connected to their giving and to the transformation grants that are a result of their gifts.

We have officially reached our 1st year goal and, with the help of 255 amazing women, will be giving away two grants of $127,500 to deserving nonprofits in our community in the year 2017!

Our next goal is to continue to grow that number and in a few short years of giving five $100,000 grants in each of the five main focus areas:
Arts & Culture, Education, Environment and Recreation, Family, and Health & Wellness.

100% of member’s donations are given directly to charity. No time commitment is required from members, but participation is encouraged.

As a member, you will be invited to the annual meeting this fall where finalists will present their projects and members vote. The best part? Votes will be tallied and winners will be announced during the meeting. You get to see the impact you're helping to make right then and there.

"One thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at -- it requires planning and commitment. I know that my donation will be taken seriously, and I appreciate the multiplication factor, as well as the democratic process used for choosing the recipient."

- Christie Minervini, Board Member

Ready to become a member and make a huge IMPACT in your community?

2017 Membership is now closed, but we'd love to have you as a part of 2018's Impact 100 team!
Click the button below, fill out your application, and then send your completed application and check to:
Impact 100 TC , 526 W 14th St, #264 Traverse City, MI 49685