2023 Impact100 TC $113,000 Grant Recipient.

For over 22 years, Freedom Builders has met critical housing needs in northern Michigan. Utilizing a dedicated group of volunteers of all ages, Freedom Builders facilitates service projects that meet needs and connect struggling families with people who care for them and can help.

Freedom Builders has recently purchased property in Chums Village and is seeking funding to construct a building. The property is the geographical center of the five-county area where the organization serves, and the building will house equipment and materials, make it easier for the organization to receive and store donated materials, improve the organization’s ability to gather and train volunteers, reduce costs and improve efficiency, and more.

All these will directly increase the ability of Freedom Builders to fulfill its mission to “rebuild hope, one home at a time.” The resulting impact on northern Michigan will be the increased improvement of the lives of people in need and those who serve and care for them. Freedom Builders Grant Application

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